Environmental Effects on Nonlocal Correlations

Tamal Guha, Bihalan Bhattacharya, Debarshi Das, Some Sankar Bhattacharya, Amit Mukherjee, Arup Roy, Kaushiki Mukherjee, Nirman Ganguly, Archan S. Majumdar


Environmental interactions are ubiquitous in practical instances of any quantum information processing protocol. The interaction results in depletion of various quantum resources and even complete loss in numerous situations. Nonlocality, which is one particular quantum resource marking a significant departure of quantum mechanics from classical mechanics, meets the same fate. In the present work we study the decay in nonlocality to the extent of the output state admitting a local hidden state model. Using some fundamental quantum channels we also demonstrate the complete decay in the resources in the purview of the Bell–Clauser–Horne–Shimony–Holt inequality and a three-settings steering inequality. We also obtain bounds on the parameter of the depolarizing map for which it becomes steerability breaking pertaining to a general class of two qubit states.

Quanta 2019; 8: 57–67.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.12743/quanta.v8i1.86

ISSN: 1314-7374