On the Role of Inconsistency in Quantum Foundational Debate and Hilbert Space Formulation

Debajyoti Gangopadhyay


This article is intended mainly to develop an expository outline of an inherently inconsistent reasoning in the development of quantum mechanics during 1920s, which set up the background of proposing different variants of quantum logic a bit later. We will discuss here two of the quantum logical variants with reference to Hilbert space formulation, based on the proposals of Bohr and Schrödinger as a result of addressing the same kernel of difficulties and will give a relative comparison. Our presentation is fairly informal, as our goal here is to simply sketch the central ideas leaving further details for other occasions.

Quanta 2022; 11: 28–41.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.12743/quanta.v11i1.195

ISSN: 1314-7374