Prof. Svensson's article reached 100 citations!

Prof. Svensson's article "Pedagogical Review of Quantum Measurement Theory with an Emphasis on Weak Measurements", Quanta 2013; 2: 18-49, has recently reached the impressive 100 citations in Google Scholar.

On the occasion of this achievement, we have contacted Prof. Svensson with a list of questions. He kindly agreed to be interviewed and provided his answers for the readers of Quanta.


Q1: What do you think about quantum mechanics?

A1: It is an extremely good theory, which however lacks an "anschaulich" interpretation, i.e. an interpretation in terms of our everyday, classical concepts. I think it is useless to try to find one; Bell forbids it.

Q2: What is your favorite subject: physics or mathematics?

A2: Definitely physics.

Q3: At what age did you decide to become a physicist?

A3: Around 20.

Q4: What is the current big problem, which you are working on?

A4: I am not active in research any longer.

Q5: What advice would you give to young minds who are just entering for the first time in the quantum world?

A5: Acquire a solid knowledge in the formalism before you indulge on any attempt at interpretation.

Bengt E. Y. Svensson is Professor Emeritus in Theoretical High Energy Physics at Lund University, Lund, Sweden.