Quanta has a partner dashboard at Publons

Quanta has obtained a partner dashboard at Publons, which allows fast endorsement of current Editorial Team members who have registered their editorial board membership at Publons.  
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Dr. Leifer's article reached 100 citations!


Dr. Leifer's article "Is the Quantum State Real? An Extended Review of ψ-ontology Theorems", Quanta 2014; 3: 67–155, published on November 5, 2014, reached the impressive 100 citations, with an average rate of 1 citation every 2 weeks.

On the occasion of this achievement, we have contacted Dr. Leifer with a list of questions. He kindly agreed to be interviewed and provided his answers for the readers of Quanta.

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Quanta has been included in MathSciNet

Mathematical Reviews by the American Mathematical Society has decided to include the journal Quanta as a listing in MathSciNet.  
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