Classical trajectories of electrically charged particles in a bubble chamber.

Quanta are the elementary building blocks of physical reality. They obey the wonderful physical laws of quantum theory, which has revolutionized the scientific understanding of the natural world. Thus, Quanta is a befitting name for a journal dedidated to foundational research in physics. Our mission at Quanta is to share the enjoyment of quantum ideas originated by scholars working on physical, mathematical or philosophical aspects of quantum theory. To reach out to widest possible audience, communicated articles present their material in a reader-friendly, comprehensive, yet mathematically rigorous manner. The high number of citations in undergraduate theses and graduate dissertations provides a testament to the educational quality of works published in Quanta.



Prof. Svensson's article reached 100 citations!


Prof. Svensson's article "Pedagogical Review of Quantum Measurement Theory with an Emphasis on Weak Measurements", Quanta 2013; 2: 18-49, has recently reached the impressive 100 citations in Google Scholar.

On the occasion of this achievement, we have contacted Prof. Svensson with a list of questions. He kindly agreed to be interviewed and provided his answers for the readers of Quanta.

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Online Workshop "Celebrating the Choi-Jamiołkowski Isomorphism"

The Online Workshop "Celebrating the Choi-Jamiołkowski Isomorphism" will be held on March 1-2, 2023.  
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Worldwide usage of Quanta

Quanta has been accessed from 148 countries worldwide in the period from Sep 1, 2016 till Nov 9, 2022.  
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